Foxmarks Beta

The new Foxmarks beta works with Firefox 3 and seems pretty solid. Check out Foxmark’s WordPess-powered blog.

15 thoughts on “Foxmarks Beta

  1. mmm I love foxmarks, It’s nice to hear that works fine with FF3!

    A must have addon for every FF user.

    BTW Do you know if there’s a firefox browser for symbian smartphones?

  2. Wow, these guys have been around since 2006 and only now have I heard of them. The design they are using looks fresh and easy on the eyes. I don’t venture from home very much as that is pretty much my office so I don’t think FoxMarks would be for me.

  3. I’m using the new Weave project from Mozilla to sync my bookmarks and history. Eventually (as soon as next month) it will also sync cookies, passwords, form history, and provide web access to your bookmarks. The long term plans are even more ambitious — syncing to any device and even other browsers.

    It’s still in alpha stage and has some bugs, but it does work, and I think it’s the future of browser sync.

  4. been in the private best test for Foxmarks for a few months now. It’s pretty stable, but occasionally the first sync with a clean install of Firefox 3 can cause it to crash…can be a pain in the butt.

  5. Finally, I kept going back and foward to and from version 2 just because I have become too attached to foxmarks.

    By the way, I love the new look of the site.

  6. Foxmarks is the best extension out there and I am using it since the release of Firefox 2. Wasn’t there something about the Firefox dev’s planning to do a similar service?

  7. i’ve been using Foxmarks for a long time now… it’s a must have for people who collect a lot of bookmarks (like me) and move around from computer to computer (even at home)… it’ll always keep your bookmarks in sync. 🙂

  8. Foxmarks is my favorite Add-on for Firefox together with Adblock Plus. They make my life a lot easier. I have 2 desktops and a laptop that I need the bookmarks synchronized all the time. Beside that my girlfriend and my parents can access my bookmarks to find things I tell them about.

  9. With Foxmarks working, there’s only Sage to go, and I could pretty-much jump to FF3 tomorrow. There’s a few other AddOns I use, but only those two combined make Firefox my browser/feeder.