Original Indiana Jones

For the first time in his life Rahn met someone even more obsessed with finding the Grail than he was. Indeed, so confident was Himmler of finding the Grail that he’d already prepared a castle – Wewelsburg in Westphalia – for its arrival. In the basement, surrounded by busts of prominent Nazis, was an empty plinth where the Grail would go.

The original Indiana Jones: Otto Rahn and the temple of doom. Truth is stranger than fiction.

11 thoughts on “Original Indiana Jones

  1. “The whole blog is an advert”

    Sometimes, I have to admit, I think I see an ad for the A-Team in the top right corner ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. The castle was really a cult centre designed to harbour the memory of thousands of SS officers and become a centre for the Thousand Year Nazi Regime. The castle is now a museum, and quite fascinating to see, although many of the sections used by Himmler for his cult worship are closed to direct access by the public. The German Wikipedia has a few good paragraphs on the whole.

    As to Indiana Jones – a crystal skull? Shades of House IV, if you ask me …

  3. That’s a great article. Something I never knew about WWII which is very cool.

    As for the new Indy, it’s a popcorn flick. Leave your brain at the door and enjoy the show. You may still grimace at what I can only imagine is Lucas’s dialogue, though. Reviewed it at my site.