Magento / WordPress Integration

There’s a new plugin for Magento, an open source ecommerce system, to integrate it with WP.

21 thoughts on “Magento / WordPress Integration

  1. Honestly I just heard about Magento. I learn a little bit just a few moment, and I found it ‘s interesting. I use wordpress on my side. This is usefull information.
    Thank you

  2. This makes me happy. I set up a couple of Magento sites in April and was frustrated by their lack of bloggy type functionality. Cripplingly so. Now I can confidently and easily sell e commerce sites to the avg user again 🙂

  3. I’ve been a huge fan of OSCommerce for the past few years but I’ve just started discovering the Magento e-commerce treasure chest — what an awesome open source project!

    The fact that WordPress and Magento are coming together, through a plugin, is major news for the open source movement.

    Many thanks to the dedicated individuals and groups who bring us such amazing PHP scripts.

  4. Well I had to struggle to get wordpress to play nicely with osCommerce, so I’m looking forward to having an easier time with Magento. It’s great to see these plug-ins start to roll out. Exciting times for shop builders, sure enough!

  5. I currently manage a store that uses Magento, I love Magento and I’ve been a long time user of WordPress. I was really excited to integrate the two but the plugin, or extension as Magento calls them, does not work well, if at all (I couldn’t get it to work) with the newest Magento (2.1) and WordPress (2.7) The people who created the extension haven’t updated it in awhile so it’s not very reliable. I’d love to get this up and running because it would be invaluable to me and my store.

  6. I work for a large web development company and we were excited at first for magento as well, but after setting it up on 3-4 clients we found some MAJOR scalability issues – the sites crash and can’t handle traffic because of the amount of products and traffic they get. I would highly encourage anyone who plans on having a bigger site in the future to NOT go with Magento – it has been the worst experience ever. We even contacted Magento directly with the issues and they had no solutions. 🙁

  7. Okay, so I just installed Magento and the WordPress plugin. I’m pretty impressed with Magento – the update system isn’t as polished as the one in WordPress, but I’m still pretty glad that it doesn’t require uploading or editing files. Updating Zen Cart is a nightmare, if you’ve made any customizations to your store.

    The plugin is nicely done, too. It even comes with a WordPress theme that borrows elements from your current Magento theme – meaning, you don’t need to separately create a WordPress theme in addition to your Magento theme. That’s some nice integration.

    My only issue is that the plugin requires editing core WP files – check out the instructions on the Magento plugin’s page. Not many edits, but it’s still bad practice.

    I wish I were talented enough to convert the code changes into a WP plugin – but for now, I guess I’ll just upgrade WP by hand and reapply those changes manually.

    If anyone manages to whip up a plugin, a quick link here would be most appreciated. 🙂

    1. I have had a heck of a time with this plug-in. I feel as though I follow the directions to the letter, but I cannot get anything out of it.

      I love magento. I love wordpress. I find it hard to believe that people much smarter than me are not working on an easier marriage of the two. Where are the geniuses when you need them?

      If anyone actually got this plugin to work, a little help would be awesome.

      1. I did, but with mostly default settings and the default theme. My intention is to work on a custom theme next.

        There’s a forum specifically for this Magento extension:

        I found that helped a lot – I had originally misunderstood the directions were to install WordPress in /wordpress, but to change the blog address in the WP admin interface. Thus, I only got a blank page with nothing in the error logs.

        Well, that, and I had to change Magento’s install settings to allow beta extensions. By default, it only allows extensions marked ‘stable’. It’s in the Settings tab of the updater.

        If you’re still stumped, I might be able to help. Any way I can contact you directly? Do you have a site with a contact form, or something? Exchanging email addresses in blog comments probably isn’t a great idea.