New BuddyPress Theme

A preview of the upcoming theme for BuddyPress. Be sure to click through to the full-size versions. BuddyPress is coming along nicely, and a good example of what is possible with the WordPress platform.

17 replies on “New BuddyPress Theme”

Looks great, Matt! Are we going to see some of these features integrated into Might there be a bridge between and the creation of a new

Wow, I had no idea about this project and I’m really interested about it. Hope I can help with it in some way in the future.

I’m really eager to get this and write about this… if you want me to be a part of this community and help with the development let me know… Cheers

Clicking through to the full-size versions was hardly worth the effort. They are still not readable. And it’s not clear to me what this offers that the dozens of other such sites don’t offer.

By any chance is, the forums, the codex (everything) going to have a BuddyPress-managed user system instead of just using the bbpress forum logins for everything?

Either way, I can’t wait to see a real-world situation of BuddyPress!

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