WordPress Stats for MT

Chad Everett has used the as-of-yet undocumented WordPress.com Stats API to allow you to use the WP stats system on Movable Type. Cool!

19 thoughts on “WordPress Stats for MT

  1. Wasn’t there a post recently about the correct way to spell and write WordPress?

    Insert appropriate smily here:

    No need to publish!

  2. This is definitely cool. Chad’s been a long-time MT plugin developer and he’s always keeping his eye out for stuff that can make MT blogs better. I think, just as we made TypePad AntiSpam work for WordPress users, too, there’s some real benefits for everybody when services are open enough for any blogger to benefit from.

  3. Interesting considering that MT released a spam plugin that looks exactly like automattic’s!

    Me, I turned off comments entirely and use mint for stats.

  4. To answer the earler question of why someone would use MT:

    I’d love to use MT. I want to use it because of its ability to store all pages as static files, instead of dynamic. For mutliple reasons, that is a huge issue for me. I’ve been hoping someone would have a plugin to make this conversion in WP, but no luck now.

    I haven’t moved to MT, though, because I requested support help on their forum with a few setup questions. I asked multiple times and never received a reponse. I don’t want that kind of support. I get better support with WP.

    So I stick with WP – apart from the static/dynamic issue, it does exactly what I need. But I’d be interested in MT if it had better support.

  5. @Andy
    WP Super Cache is an excellent and reliable plugin for caching posts as static HTML pages. I’ve been using it for a while now, and am very happy with the way it performs.

    As for MT vs WP: the latter wins hands down on just about every count (but for the new image uploader, which is a nightmare—hopefully will see this sorted in 2.6).

    WP is the best blogging platform—by far.

  6. I’ve been using the MT WPStats plugin and think it’s awesome. As for the debate about which platform is better, it’s all a matter of personal choice isn’t it. I love MT because I’ve taken the time over 3 years to learn how to get the most out of it. Switching over I’d be like a fish out of water. That’s probably how may WP users feel too.

  7. to andy:
    you should try out a host that offers movable type as service. then you have at least 24-7 email support from them – and they have a direct connection to the people at SixApart. having said that…the reason MT over WordPress is because MT is just so much kinder to the server with static pages. Caching help somewhat with WordPress, but guaranteed with enough traffic (digg, /., etc.) WP can easily bring a server to its knees while comparable traffic to an MT blog doesn’t come close. Comment spamming not withstanding. That’s not good for anyone.

  8. jcaino, with simple one-click install caching plugins like wp-super-cache or batcache WordPress can handle more than enough traffic from Digg, Slashdot, Drudge, and Yahoo Buzz combined. I know because we see several a day.