WordPress Geniuses

Geniuses for WordCamp SF Bar?. Lloyd is organizing a “Genius bar” at WordCamp San Francisco of volunteers to help everybody with their WP problems. I love it!

6 thoughts on “WordPress Geniuses

  1. Very interesting. I’m organizing WordCamp Portland and that idea had come up, although I’m not sure if we’ll be doing it this year.

  2. What a great idea!

    Hey Matt, when will the subscription to WordCamp SF be available? I’m from Portugal, and had a great surprise with the date of WordCamp, as I’m flying to SF on the 15th to go to An Event Apart on the 18 and 19! I’ll do a 2 in 1 trip! 😀
    It will be amazing to meet the WP team and other users!

    Take care!