Community Tagging

Matt’s Community Tags. This is the VERY BETA plugin I’m using for the community tagging on my photos, which allows people to submit tags which then go into a moderation queue to be approved or modified by an admin. Not recommended for general use yet, just getting it out there since a lot of people have asked about it.

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Once activated through plugins how can you actually tag a photo? Apart from the new entry in top part of admin there are no settings to change 🙁

[…] Photo Tagging has been implemented, whereby when viewing a photo and you know someone, you can tag them on the photo. Tagging has been around for a while on facebook and myspace but is still very new to blogs. Its Julis mothers birthday today and theres a bit of a small party tonight. Charlie is getting married on Friday and then it shall be off home. When i get back home ill tell you all about it. […]

Is there a way to make the link in the admin work on MU? If i manually go to /admin.php?page=mct-manage-tags it works but when you click on Community Tags it goes to /mct-manage-tags and I get a 404.