Brazil Meetup

I’ll be at the WordPress meetup at Latinoware tomorrow (Saturday) at 17:00. I’m speaking earlier in the day at 11:00. Been around the conference today and been really impressed with the breadth of subjects covered and the number of attendees. Confused about the logo though. (Is South America tucked into Africa?) Se você fala Português passar esta sobre a sua audiência.

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I just wanted to be there, but i can’t. 🙁

And about the logo, I think that r8chel is right.


The sentence in portuguese makes more sense this way: “Se você fala português, divulgue este evento para seus amigos!”

So, have a good talk and nice times in Brazil. 🙂

But why not paint the pacific ocean? I guess thats the confusion. Latin imagination! Hopefully Colombians are being represented on that meeting! Our wordpress blog is all managed by Colombians.

r8chel is correct. The green area is South America and the top left part of the green dots represents Central America.

Even though it’s causing the confusion, you gotta say that the logo is creative and attractive. =]

“e você fala Português passar esta sobre a sua audiência.”
What did you mean? did you used some auto translator? I can fix that… LOL

Hope to see you in Portugal soon.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your presentation, and the chats during and after the event – everything was valuable, much interesting. You’re very nice, and we hope you can come back in a future WordCamp Brazil – especially if it happen in Goiânia, right? 🙂

I recorded your presentation, and soon I’ll publish it on YouTube.

(I’m sorry about my English, there, at Latinoware, and here, in this comment. I’m studying the language yet, and I hope become better soon).


You will love Brasil man. That is my homeland. Funny enough my girlfriend is from Houston too and one of her best friends, Joe Santa-Maria told me about you. I was like, OMG, I love WordPress! Anyways, enjoy it and make sure you get to eat Bobó de Camarão. And try the brazilian BBQ. Not like Goode Co’s Brisket Sandwich but is pretty amazing!

I think the logo is South American barging into Asia (see the islands towards the bottom that seem to be perhaps parts of Malaysia?) and overcoming China, therefore becoming the the new economic force.

I have a Brazilian student learning English, and all I know in Portuguese is that Roxo is purple, not red as you would assume based on Spanish. Very useful, right?