PodCamp/WordCamp Hawaii

I’ll be in Honolulu this Saturday for  PodCamp / WordCamp Hawaii 2008.

5 thoughts on “PodCamp/WordCamp Hawaii

  1. Sadly I will be on the other islands this weekend ='(

    I’d love to chit chat about the architecture of WordPress and where that might be headed (not sure if you remember my comment on WP Candy earlier this week or not). I came off like a dickweed in that comment, but don’t exactly mean *all* of what I said.

    Anyway, it does indeed suck that I won’t be around to hit up the first Wordcamp Hawaii, but I guess taking a mini-vacation with my buddies to some other breathtaking islands isn’t too bad either. I hope you enjoy your time in Honolulu 🙂

  2. Saw you. Heard you, too. Mostly. Great “State of The Word” presentation. It was fun. I have pictures of the “Matt-paparazzi” taking pics of you. I’ve been thinking about making a blog post of it. It made me laugh. I wish I’d have gotten a shot of your face when you looked up and realized you were surrounded by cameras.

  3. I was there and your presentation was awesome at PodCamp+WordCamp Hawaii. Can’t wait for WordPress 2.7. Hope you also enjoyed the BBQ at Ala Moana Beach. Mahalo and Aloha!