Houston & Dubai

I’m going to be in Houston for Christmas and while there attending the December Refresh Houston Meetup. If you’re in Houston, come by and say hi. After that I’m going to Dubai for a little bit of vacation, but if there are any WordPress users there I’d love to meet up one night. I’ll be there the Dec 28–Jan 4.

16 thoughts on “Houston & Dubai

  1. Matt, it’s nice to hear that you’re coming to Dubai. I’m flying back there over Christmas and the New Year, and I’d to meet up sometime during that time. Shoot me an email if you already know your schedule and a free night.

  2. Hey Matt,

    Just back from Dubai myself last week. If you’ve never tried indoor skiing, the Ski Dubai at Mall Of The Emirates is a good spot for that winter feeling if you need to escape 30 degree heat πŸ™‚


  3. Hey! I’m studying in Birmingham, UK but I hail from Dubai and I’ll be going back for a break. I should be there from 15th of December till about the 5th/6th of January. You’re likely to have find a lot of wordpress users there so a dinner or drinks could be good!

  4. Absolutely Matt!

    Great cafe’s and meetup places in this town.

    And you happen to be coming during the best weather of all!

    Shoot off an email if you need setup help.

  5. Matt, hope you enjoy Dubai! I’d love to meet up with you but I’m in Abu Dhabi (another Emirate — the capital). Email me if you plan on visiting AD. πŸ™‚

  6. Lucky me looks like i am the only one here living and working in dubai πŸ˜€ looking forward to meet you. i can manage to make a wordpress night out thing and get lots of WP users πŸ˜€

    if ur interested i can show u around town. give me a call 00971501030757

  7. Hi Matt,

    I’m in Dubai and I use WordPress extensively. Would love to meet up. You have my email, please let me know when you have arranged some thing.


  8. Make sure to check out burj al arab, palm jumeirah, sand trax, and the gold souk (makes for great pics but be careful… you can be taken for a ride πŸ˜‰ ) Most of my friends that live there will be home (in Montreal) for the holidays. Too bad! They would have shown you around. Have fun & ping me if you need translation services.