4,000 Plugins

WordPress.org plugin directory just reached its 4,000th plugin! I declare January 28th our official “Thank a Plugin Developer” day. To celebrate take a look at the plugins you use and love, visit the author’s site, find their contact form, and drop them a note. (Or Paypal!)

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  1. All the more reason for a tighter framework that somehow limits rogue or poorly coded plugins from impacting WordPress, the db, or the server. An early build of Disqus 2.0 duplicated every comment in my database, for example.And that was unintentional. I’ve had other scripts that churn and churn, spawning processes that aren’t cleaned up, etc. Wonder what someone with an agenda could accomplish. Which is why I want things like Super Cache in the plugin, so I know it’s been tested and retested by lots of folks.

    Oh yeah, I LOVE and DEPEND on WordPress. So don’t take this the wrong way. 🙂 Shoot, I’d happily pay for it if you charged.

  2. Sweet but playing devil’s advocate.

    How many of those plugins are compatible with 2.7/2.6.5/2.5? I was using 2.7’s new ADD NEW option for plugin and one plugin was tested with something as old as 2.2………….so is that plugin really count?

    Good work anyways on the achievement.

  3. Completely agree, wordpress is so much more fantastic thanks to all the hard working developers who make the plugins. You should start a monthly donate to your developer drive!

  4. – More than 4000 downloads
    – 5 votes
    – 0 encouragement message

    In fact, I’m a little disappointed because of the small number of votes (fortunatelly voting is free of charge). Indifference is the worst thing.

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