USA Today Article

WordPress creator Mullenweg is many bloggers’ best friend – We got some nice press in USA Today in an article by Jefferson Graham, pick up a dead tree copy today if you can to check out the article.

13 thoughts on “USA Today Article

  1. Congratulations on the mad props. Back when I was a travelling consultant (and didn’t have a smartphone), my copy of USA Today on a westbound flight was the only way I ever heard any news.

    I like the view out of your office. I remember jogging around that area when I was in town last September and digging the feel of the waterfront.

  2. A BIG Congrats! I normally do not get a copy of the newspaper, but I have picked one up today. This is totally worth reading! Keep up the excellent work.

  3. It’s time people stop referring to WordPress as a blogging platform (myself included). It’s really way much more. I run an online news source with WordPress and love the features and the ease of use. I find other CMS systems a little more difficult with a higher learning curve.

    Thanks Matt!

  4. Nice article. Love the shoes. And now that I’m finally switched over from my old CMS, I’m loving wordpress. Thank you.

    I have to disagree with Sullivan though: popularity in and of itself isn’t a security issue so much as it is a bigger incentive for the baddies out there to try to find a way in.

    As long as we keep WP up to date and backed up we should be fine, right? Or are there any extra recommended security tips?

    1. Staying up to date is the #1 thing you can do to keep your blog secure. Second I would say use a secure password, which is why WP tells you your password strength when you change it.

      1. Sure. I noticed my most recent installation generated a secure password to start with as well. Nicely done. It seems that people who’d normally disregard your strength indicators and pick a silly password because it’s easier to remember, are also the sort that think it’s too complicated to go in and change the generated password. And that is fantastic.

        But I was thinking more along the lines of locking down templates after we’re done editing them, etc. I’d noticed a few blog postings out there with ideas, just nothing official.

  5. Sheesh, Matt – you make the rest of us 25-year-olds look like losers. 🙂 Great article, and glad to see you getting the kind of credit you clearly deserve.