Indonesia Day 4

A little bit of sightseeing around Indonesia before I had to leave.

18 thoughts on “Indonesia Day 4

  1. Hi Matt, I wish you also come and visit my Bali,or perhaps you did.It’s a beautiful island despite people consider it : too touristy, but I love the easy & laid back lifestyle so much.
    Hopefully you got a chance to read my blog, and give some opinions of improvement to get more readers.Lots of my friends love what I’m writing but they didn’t leave any comment! hmmm…
    Terima kasih!!

  2. Hi Matt, unfortunately I couldn’t joined the Wordcamp last time. But I hope there is a wordcamp anymore in Indonesia. I think Ambon, Molucas is a good choice. haha..


  3. Hi Matt,

    It’s great to see you visiting my country. How was it? I’m sure you really enjoyed it, especially the food, right?

    I’d love to go back again to Indonesia sometime. I’m here now at Pensacola, FL, start learning to blog using WP. Thanks for being a part of WP developing team 🙂 It’s a great piece of software.

  4. i saw you on indonesia tv (good morning indonesia), thanks for coming to indonesia matt, we hope our blogger be smarter than ever…
    ps: feel free to visit my blog matt… terimakasih..

  5. Wow, that amazing pictures Matt, is showing that Indonesia is safely to visit, hope you have a great great moment visiting Indonesia and shared it to your friends or colleague in your country 🙂