Old Dubai

Around Old Dubai, Jumeirah Beach, Al Qasr Madinat, Burj Al Arab…

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  1. Hi Matt;
    First of all I wanna to congratulate you your b-day, although it’s been for couple a week ago.
    I am a new user of this miracle of blogging(WordPress), recently I have created a blog in wordpress.com and last week I have transfered to an Afghan blog service which is based on WordPress.
    I am an engineer and working in my country(AFG) for my people, and I really excited when I got that you are only 25, it is very fantastic and you should know this Value.
    you know, more than 99% of guys like you here, doesn’t know what is CMS and even internet. I know AFG is not good place to sightseeing, but I hope some day we have you here as a visitor.
    take care

  2. Great pictures Matt! I would love go to Dubai. Can I ask you if the album is created with a WordPress plugin? It’s great!

    Agustín, Argentina

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