WordPress Skills

oDesk Reports “WordPress” Fastest Growing In-Demand Skill in 2008.

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Seems to be pretty dead on.

From what started as a side gig to my FT job, WordPress consulting has become a FT gig for me. The clients I’ve been serving have been extremely happy to have someone that knows WordPress and they’re more than willing to compensate for that knowledge.

Finally these years of working with WordPress are paying off 🙂

Thanks for everything you and team have done, Matt. I really appreciate.

I tried to show my appreciation by putting on WordCamp NY. I hope I got my appreciation across to the team.

I think any WordCamp would be awesome. I myself did my first WC at Las Vegas this weekend, and found it to be a very memorable experience.

Thank you Matt for showing up and celebrating your BDay, and to you Dan for your new plugin announcement through Shayne, and the best slide show.

I was thinking of even getting a WordCamp Los Angeles going. So far I have got good feed back from everyone I’ve talked to..

I’m still in awe that WordPress could create such a huge marketplace.

WordPress services, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins; anything and everything behind that have really created a huge marketplace on the web.

Far more so than Movable Type or Blogger. No other blogging platform has created this kind of marketplace.

I have found that a lot of business owners with very little web experience have heard of WordPress. Having a “WordPress Site/Blog” is becoming a common term, and it doesn’t just refer to a blog anymore!