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Check out “Magazeen”: Free Magazine-Look WordPress Theme. Even better: it’s GPL.

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Looks cool Matt. WP is certainly a better blogging platform than blogger. I tried migrating to WP from Blogger a few weeks ago but all the links died. Would probably migrate after the next page rank update.

And the magazine theme bandwagon rolls on!

It was the search for this theme style that brought me to WordPress last year (that and the hostility of Movable Type 4). I used a number of quality themes – Graph Paper Press’ Gridline, Arun Kale’s The Morning After, Brian Gardner’s Revolution News – until I realized that I was personally done with affecting a magazine for my own blog, and so went to a more traditional style with a variation on Chris Pearson’s Thesis. (I am still using a couple of Gardner’s magazine themes for other projects, though.)

Magazeen does look nice. I expect to see blogs with that theme popping up like dandelions over the Web.

Matt advertising a theme!!!!

This is far than true. Do tell me I am dreaming.

Matt, the theme is absolutely wonderful. Alas, my blog does not fit the bill. But, thanks for sharing.

That is a very nice theme! I would like to see it added to Their has be a huge request for a magazine type theme & this theme would catch the community by
surprise. 🙂

I can remember a time when Brian Gardner was creating some themes based on the distinctive look of a number of popular websites.
Duct Tape Marketing and Michel Fortin were among the sites that Brian worked with, taking their proprietary designs, and creating a theme that could then be used by others.
The Copyblogger theme was along the same lines. Chris Pearson took the custom theme he worked on for Brian, and made one that everyone could use.

In those cases, the themes were judged as being some kind of paid theme.

Now you are celebrating that Smashing Magazine is doing something similar?

Not sure whether this code will appear in the comment, will wrap it in pre

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There isn’t a nofollow, I don’t have access to bank statements, but it just looks like a sponsored theme to me.

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