11 thoughts on “Rockstar

  1. I heard a lot about this book, didn’t purchase it myself though, I am sure that it’s going to be a masterpiece for beginners and “nothing new here” for wordpress gurus.

  2. I just wrote a post about how developers should not be thought of as Rock Stars. Designers on the other hand are certainly cut from cloth.

  3. Hmmmm…

    I downloaded the sample PDF ,which contained the table of contents. I like the apparent case studies it has (how to use WP for E-comm, for a design gallery, etc.). It also takes a look at some of the conditional code, like loops and if/then/else statements.

    The fact that it coms with source files is awesome! I may buy this.

  4. While it’s fairly easy to use a custom theme, and static pages and categories to build the sort of websites mentioned, it sure is nice to see these various tips and tricks bundled in one place. Not that much a fan of the rockstar cover, however 🙂

  5. I think it’s a sign of just how far WordPress has come that there are so many books coming out about it now. When I used a “competing product”, it was impossible to get information about it from a third party or *any* books.
    Personally, I’m salivating at the thought of the WordPress Plugin book. Can’t wait for it to hit my bookstore!