PollDaddy API & Twitter

PollDaddy has a new API. Also check out their easy tool for polling your Twitter followers.

10 thoughts on “PollDaddy API & Twitter

  1. I really want to use the twitter polling. What’s the secret?

    Since you mentioned it I tried it often.

    “Warning! PollDaddy screwed up. Try sending this poll again!”

    is all I get ???

    1. @xo guy. We are just tracking an issue on the site now that seems to stop some people from posting a poll. Do you use a desktop client to access Twitter? We think it might be a rate limiting issue. What is your Twitter user name?

      1. I don’t use any desktop client for twitter. My username is 30dp

        The only thing I can say about the error is it is consistent 🙂

    1. Lenny, brilliant, fixed, THANK YOU!

      Am in a bit of a rush, but didn’t see a quick way to “subscribe to answers” or RSS responses, just a thought … (I mean, now I am unsure how I can see results – probably automatic, but it might be an idea to state that somewhere, or?)

      Anyway, would be interested in knowing the prob. Perhaps you have time to post so others know too?

      Thanks again, I see great potential to PollDaddy and hope to use it often!

      1. No problem. We have RSS feeds coming for the poll page soon so that you can subscribe to the results. Is that what you are looking for?