WordPress Party Pictures

Pictures from the party at the Automattic lounge. It got a little rowdy! If you recognize, please help caption using the “tag” feature on the photo page.

16 thoughts on “WordPress Party Pictures

  1. The only problem is that there are no pictures of you. Well, I guess there’s one. That’s always my problem too.

    The lounge looks nice, where is it?

  2. Nice set of photos – composition has certainly gotten a lot better from last year 🙂

    I can’t seem to comment on individual photos though – by the time I get to enter my URL, the page has already refreshed to the next photo. I am using Firefox 3.x.y. Is there a client-side setting to turn auto refresh off?


    1. That’s a bug — there is keyboard navigation for photos but it doesn’t turn off when you’re in a textarea or input element, so you basically can’t use arrows on the page for now.

  3. Holy Nuts….is this new theme awesome! I mostly follow via RSS so have not seen this change since the change-over until now. Damn Fine!

    Great pics btw. There always a Smile after looking at the travel pics.