Blogs Are Dead

Blogs are dead; long live the blog by Andrew Keen after our dinner in Amsterdam last week.

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I don’t treat my blog as a blog but a website. I am just starting out but still I’m working on getting a new appearance for it instead of the stock templates.

I agree with a lot of the post, but “Blogs are dead” is a typical, inaccurate, sensationalist headline. Blogs aren’t dead at all, they’re just getting better and more integrated.

Blogging is alive and well, it’s just evolving.

For the personal blogs, the hobbies and activist bloggers they might be dying but for the commercial blogs their is still a future. People will always search for information and the commercial blogs will fill that.

I don not think even personal blogs are dead ore will ever die. Off course due to al those new social networking techniques people have more choices, so naturaly there will be a wider spread of used techniques and a less fixation on blogs. This however is a good thing, let the bloggers blog, the hyvers hyve, hell let even the twitters ehm twitter ;o) Its a natural evolution in this digital world.

I believe blogs are less of a fad than micro-blogs and other conversation tools. They exist for a while and are here to stay, but probably not the way it is today. With time we will have more and stronger relationships between the different online platforms. Social networks, blogs, micro-blogs, they will merge and become our virtual extension. We are still trying to figure out what will be the virtual ID of the future and many are competing to become the standard. Whatever the solution, blogging will be part of it, it’s only the environment that will change.
Well, this is my 0,02 cents 🙂

Btw, this is a dazzling theme you’re using!

It is somehow funny that you guys already discuss about whether blogs are dead / are dying or not – while in other countries like Germany it is an expontential growing hype at the moment. 😉
Is web 2.0 eating itself? 😉

Blogs will never die. Its the only way to bring up your complete individuality online without the need to be a techie.

Blogs have yet to show their real power. They have already challenged, printed newspapers and magazines. Social media only provides you connectivity. It is very premature to announce that blogs are dead or dying

I’m blogging more now than I was six months ago. Twitter is for very small, everyday things, and the blog is for…. well, blogging.

But, I can say that we, as busy people, don’t have too much time or will to write extremely long articles every day.

And there will be always people like me who don’t get the whole Facebook or MySpace thing =P

Just read this. This is great. I love the idea of a blog being our personal media hub. It does make me think a lot, though, about what it will mean for us creatively/professionally/personally to have to have all sorts of people in your life coming to that one place.

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