BuddyPress for the World

Happy to announce that BuddyPress is now available to the world. BuddyPress is a package built on top of WordPress which transforms WP into a social network complete with profiles, friends, messaging, groups, and even activity streams. Of course it’s 100% GPL and Open Source. It’s built on top of MU (which can be tricky to install) so still not for everybody yet, but this is a major milestone in the WordPress world. Check it out. Congrats to Andy and the whole BuddyPress team. 🙂 Here’s Andy’s official  announcement post and WordPress.org.

14 thoughts on “BuddyPress for the World

  1. This is indeed quite awesome. It is a bit sad that some are still going to miss out just because of the finicky nature of MU, but after all these years hanging around poking at WP, I can’t imagine “being tricky” will be an excuse for too, too long.

    I’m fairly excited. 🙂

  2. BuddyPress is the thing I am most excited about these days.

    Yeah, my girlfriend really is that bad in bed.

    The most exciting (and, for me, titillating) aspect of BuddyPress is that, in the relatively near future, there will be a version that runs on regular (non-MU) WP – that is going to seriously explode across the ‘Net.

  3. @Cyndy – MU is actually easy enough to install, it’s bbPress that is a real nightmare, particularly if you want to share logins between BP and bbPress.

    It is a real pity because the integration of a forum into each group is one of the coolest things about BuddyPress.

    Hopefully, Automattic’s upcoming hosted forum service, TalkPress, will result in more development effort being directed towards bbPress and it will end up being as easy to install as WordPress.

    Who knows, perhaps we might one day see a hosted version of BuddyPress + bbPress 🙂

    1. I was speaking more generally. I have installed bbPress a fair few times and integrated it with WordPress as well. MU wasn’t too complicated to get running, but I’ve only ever used the one install that my BuddyPress site is on. And the most difficult thing was contacting my host’s Support to allow the wildcard (which was hardly difficult).

      I’m hopeful, though, that both WPMU and bbPress will only get easier and easier to get up and running and integrated and all that. Both have substantially improved since my first involvement with WP five years ago. 🙂

      1. Actually, if you get a Cpanel host, it will be very easy to install WPmu since Cpanel allows Wildcard subdomains by default.
        It can be configured inside cpanel without ever contacting your host.