Google Analytics script

40% still use old Google Analytics script. Don’t forget to update to the newest Google Analytics script call.  (And drop in Stats while you’re in there to get something quick and author-centric.)

13 thoughts on “Google Analytics script

  1. I have always wondered what is the advantage of google analytics over wp stats. One thing is that google analytics does not show the feed viewers, which makes it very much inaccurate.. am i wrong?

    1. Stats is best for a simple glance. “How much traffic did I get yesterday?” “What was a popular post?” That kind of thing — simple, but effective.

      Google Analytics on the other hand is usually overkill, but great when you want details. For example, what domain sent me the most traffic last month? What page was the most popular this week? etc.

  2. @Ronald: WP Stats don’t show feed viewers either, or am I wrong?

    Also, analytics is much more complete when you’re interested in bounce rate, visitors (new/recurring) and much more info not available on WP stats. I use WP stats as a lightweight version of analytics to see my blog views every morning and that’s it =)

  3. @ Ronald: not people who only look at your feed (no stats program except Feedburner can show these stats), but Analytics does of course keep track of people who visit your site via your rss feed. Only problem is that GA does not differentiate between those visitors and visitors via another source, but there’s an excellent plugin to automatically tag your feed – and hence be able to see them in GA:

  4. Google Analytics is great.

    I’m also using WP Stats, I love its integration, but there’s something strange with Chinese characters. (Sometimes the characters are messed)

  5. Well, the more plugins you have installed, the closer you get to slowing your site down too much, correct? So, I have just been using Analytics (without the plugin when possible) and stopped using WordPress Stats. I already use a lot of other must-have plugins. Correct me if I am missing something …

    1. Yes, every additional script does cause some slowdown. I run both WP stats and analytics though, because they’re both really fast and give me a different view of my visitors.