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Another tinyurl service??? NO KIDDING!
I dont want to see so many web app applica everywhere like those social service bookmarking like digg and delicious…

My suggestion is, make a one of a kind wordpress user or other blogging service’s “global posts aggregation system”, by it mean what it does is simply index all the post in the world. make it the best blog post/comment search engine in the whole world ever ever ever!!!!

(I commented on the official blog and it never showed up.)

I know that a URL shortener is going to be the most common suggestion, but that would be dull.

I think building some kind of mobile site would be cool.

For people into domains, by the way, I might be willing to sell You could be as cool as!

Damn this global economic thingamajig!

Please please let folks use it in their blog’s address, as in ****, instead of or in addition to A lot more folks, myself included, would be willing to blog through if the address was simpler. I always wondered why it wasn’t to begin with. Congrats on the acquisition!