WordCamp Developer Day

I have some cool news: On Sunday the day after WordCamp San Francisco we’re going to host a WordPress developer day at the Automattic office on Pier 38. It will be Barcamp-style with no pre-announced schedule, but expect more hardcore geek content like heavy WordPress performance optimization, BuddyPress internals, an intro to Erlang, a guide to secure coding, WordPress-as-CMS discussions, and more. If there’s a topic you’d like to lead start thinking about it now, there should be plenty of room for everyone to connect. (Try to keep things local though, we’re not sure how the internet will hold up.)

24 thoughts on “WordCamp Developer Day

  1. Best thing I’ve heard all day 🙂 Thanks! I will be there if WordCamp leaves me with enough energy to cross the bay again.

  2. There’ll be a blank schedule at WordCamp for you to sign up for a session. Please also sign up on the attendee sheet which will be next to the schedule.

  3. This sounds fun, will be there for WordCamp SF 2009, arriving late Friday night, hope to finally catch up with you then 🙂

    I’ll be around for the Dev meet, but will leave early though, couple of hours to see SF and then catch a late afternoon flight.

    See ya in SF then 🙂

    And lookinf forward to it.

  4. i’d love to attend but will not be at wordpress camp on saturday. can i attend on sunday only? if there’s a way to sign up or express interest (besides this!), please let me know! thanks.

  5. Matt, have you guys had any talks about integrating with Google Wave? It would great to see comments on WordPress blogs integrate in the same way as from today’s demo. I’d love to discuss this and potentially be involved in working on something like this.

  6. I wish I could have made it to this, but I had to start driving home to Southern CA. I do hope we can have this event at WordCamp LA too! 🙂

  7. Hey, I couldn’t make it to WordPress Camp, but I’d love to catch up on what I missed. Any chance there will be video of the sessions?

  8. What are the details of the merger between WordPressMU and WordPress.org?

    I’ve heard that in the 3.0 version, wordpressMU was going to be the default for WordPress.

    I’ve also heard that WordPressMU was going to power WordPress.com or WordPress.org the site.

    A bit of clarity about WordPressMU and WordPress would be great.