I recommended a translation plugin the other day at WordCamp Montreal but couldn’t remember the name. It was qTranslate.

8 thoughts on “qTranslate

  1. I’d love to know what you feel I should improve in zdmultilang as I made it some time ago when qtranslate was not that good.

    Thanks, and no this is not self promotion, i do really want to know what you think.

  2. It’s a great plugin. However it should be build in into WordPress core.

    The problem is that SEO plugins usually don’t support qTranslate. Why? The reason is that multiple languages content are written within the same page.

    The custom fields for the page is “global” for all translated content within the page, because they are on the same page.

    To solve this problem every translated page must be unique. Something for WordPress crew to think about?

  3. I’ve recently used qTranslate for a project and found it one of the most polished and hassle-free wp plugins around. Also played nice with other plugins we were using.

  4. I’m using qtranslate in my Blog. It’s really a great Plug-in to manage a multilingual blog. There is also a little expansion available for the Meta Data (single Meta Data for every language).

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  5. I found qTranslate very easy to use but the guy behind seems to be too busy with his studies to have time to do regular support. Lots of posts in his forum have no answers 🙁
    On the contrary WPML has an active support but I find it much more complex and not as user friendly as qTranslate.

    What’s your opinion guys ?