Velocity and the Bottom Line

Velocity and the Bottom Line. How performance touches everything on the web, and includes a quote from me about the importance if of speed to the user experience. You can check out my whole presentation, the Moral Philosophy of Performance, on Blip.

5 replies on “Velocity and the Bottom Line”

Nice talk, Matt! And this made me think about how I’m adding scripts to make my theme work, I’ll work on that. đŸ™‚

Time to introduce “velocity” to WordPress. Combining and minifying CSS from the theme and all plug-ins in one request. Same for JavaScripts. Educating theme authors on sprite background technique. It is amazing what difference a bit of work on a theme can make to load times.

Yup.. agree with Ted but without neglecting the performance overhead incurred by dynamically combining or minifying the javascripts and CSSs for every request. Caching needs to be introduced here as well. đŸ™‚

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