4 thoughts on “Clunker Broadband

  1. Excellent article, and definitely worth the read. It will never cease to amaze me how much gets through without anyone really paying attention to the important points.

    Thanks for posting the link 😉

  2. Wait…This is an option?! Geesh!

    When one sits back and thinks about the things we could have invested in with our billions of dollars of “clunkers” money, one gets…angry…

    The “Clunkers” program is, indeed, a big waste. Maybe if the work-at-home freelancing types like us could better organize, we could have some influence over these billions next time around…

    (p.s. I LOVE your “comment” button!)

  3. How about cash for urban mass transit and infill housing/business instead? I would argue that work & shop from home crowd will be confined to a relatively small group for some time yet, suggesting that sustainability dollars would be best spent on providing transport alternatives to the car. I know there’s some federal money being spent on this in the US (intercity high speed passenger rail) — but I imagine there’s room for more, especially in the last mile.

    An interesting read – thanks.