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Ask Matt: Which Email Client?

Video using VideoPress and filmed/edited by Michael Pick.

Going to set up a new form for these.

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I agree. It’s more like the Flash encoder they use makes the difference. Too bad the software is not available as a client, but as server side script upgrade via

As for the email client, I choose Windows Live Mail, it works like a charm.

I’ve tried using Thunderbird a few times, but I guess I’m just not used to it. The evil I know is Gmail and I’ve fallen in love with the idea of everything being in the “cloud”. I’ve also set up a few of my domains through Google apps which I love.

Has anyone tried zoho?

Anyway, love the video. Can you ask Michael what kind of camera he is using? It looks great.

All about open source.

However, your closing comments about being able to use IMAP and your own domain. This has been possible with Google Apps for years.

Also, if you use Gmail it also looks the exact sme on both clients as it’s in the browser.

The best solution is to run IMAP on Google Apps (very easy, and process automated completely if you host with DreamHost). Then you can IMAP into Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.

If you just use thunderbird, and wish to check your mail remotely, (not on your own computer), then you are stuck with the default usually horrible web host providers email web based client.

So you may wish to clarify your title as Which Desktop Email Client as not to confuse you readers. Great video techniques though.

Thunderbird is my favorite too. Well it’s the only one that’s good for Linux anyway :). I keep trying to use Evolution but I can’t get used to it and it doesn’t have the cool features and extensions.

Thanks for the message faces extension.

I’ve just bought a Canon 5D mark II as well!

I’m a wedding photographer so need something that is high quality and this baby rocks – for stills anyway. And you can do excellent video as well – as seen here!

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