3 thoughts on “GPL Win in France

  1. Great news, although it seems like it was a fairly clean cut case there, nothing but blatant disregard for the licensing terms of the GPL. I’d like to see an example of something considered by some as an “edge case” such as the arguments over GPL compliancy of WordPress themes.

    I’m still having trouble getting to the bottom of that argument as there are so many opinions swinging each way and the only expert I’ve consulted did not agree with the freedom software foundation (I think that’s what they’re called).

    It’s good to see some cases being sorted out in court at least. There’s nothing more annoying than some dork declaring that the GPL is completely unenforceable, which is clearly incorrect.

  2. Matt,

    My concern has always been whether the GPL fits as well as we might hope it does with open source PHP code. Accordingly, much as I would hope that such cases as this French one strengthen the GPL in an overall sense, I still wonder about the specifics of WordPress-like codebases, which are far removed from the client-server days for which the GPL was most precisely written.

    I’d love to see a favourable precedent case that was to do with open source “web” code of some sort, is my point 🙂