Keyboard Cover

Curious if you guys have any favorite keyboard covers, I vaguely recall reading about one on Alex King’s site but can’t find it now. I’m looking for one to put over my laptop keys when I close the cover to avoid damaging the screen.

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  1. Frankly I just use a piece of cloth, folded a couple of times over to make a nice buffer between keys and screen. I usually carry two, in case I lose one, or if the screen needs cleaning 😀

    1. Every Vaio I’ve used develops a line about 2/3 up the screen where the ridge below the keys runs into the screen after being squished in my bag a thousand times.

  2. I second the “just get a bit of cloth” comment. I’ve used Ultrasuede, which works well to clean the screen, especially if you wash the Ultrasuede first to remove the sizing or whatever finishing the factory puts on it.

  3. you know that’s funny that you said that, because I was closing my laptop up this morning thinking that I should get something to cover the keyboard. Wow! that’s just scary I was thinking that too.

    I didn’t know they even made keyboard covers for laptops.

    i’m going to check out the article, but for now, I think I’ll use Utahcon’s suggestion until I figure it out.

  4. If you need a cover for the keys to not damage the screen when you close it, does that confirm the device has a design flaw? I have slim, flat keys on my notebook and I haven’t seen any screen damage thus far.

  5. I found a cheap one ($10) at Fry’s, I’m not even sure it had a name brand, that is made out of rubber and I’ve had no problems with it doing damage to my screen.

  6. I’ve had the Macessity cover on my MBP for over a year. The soft silicone stays in place and muffles the keys but still feels comfortable. It’s thin, but does add enough thickness so it leaves smudges on the screen — nothing that doesn’t wipe off (and certainly nothing i’d call “damage”). And it was cheap.

    I considered the microfiber cloth-type covers, but you have to take them off to type, which means they’ll get lost.

  7. i’ve tested a few of them and i Found Moshi Clearguard to be the best. The material is very different from any of the other ones. Moshi is very thin and i believe the price is lower than all the other ones.
    You can only find it on their website that ships from Japan.

  8. I am a big fan of KB Covers…they have the largest variety of Mac keyboard covers you could ever imagine. Their ClearSkin cover is similar to the Moshi, but I like it better.