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Curious if you guys have any favorite keyboard covers, I vaguely recall reading about one on Alex King’s site but can’t find it now. I’m looking for one to put over my laptop keys when I close the cover to avoid damaging the screen.

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you know that’s funny that you said that, because I was closing my laptop up this morning thinking that I should get something to cover the keyboard. Wow! that’s just scary I was thinking that too.

I didn’t know they even made keyboard covers for laptops.

i’m going to check out the article, but for now, I think I’ll use Utahcon’s suggestion until I figure it out.

I’ve had the Macessity cover on my MBP for over a year. The soft silicone stays in place and muffles the keys but still feels comfortable. It’s thin, but does add enough thickness so it leaves smudges on the screen — nothing that doesn’t wipe off (and certainly nothing i’d call “damage”). And it was cheap.

I considered the microfiber cloth-type covers, but you have to take them off to type, which means they’ll get lost.

i’ve tested a few of them and i Found Moshi Clearguard to be the best. The material is very different from any of the other ones. Moshi is very thin and i believe the price is lower than all the other ones.
You can only find it on their website that ships from Japan.

I am a big fan of KB Covers…they have the largest variety of Mac keyboard covers you could ever imagine. Their ClearSkin cover is similar to the Moshi, but I like it better.

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