Feeling Lucky?

Feeling Lucky? by Tara Hunt: “It turns out that there IS such thing as lucky people, but it’s not some sort of mystical fate playing its hand at work after all. Instead, ‘lucky people’ are those who are really observant and open to opportunities.”

7 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky?

  1. Hi Matt, the “Lucky people are more relaxed and open . . . ” ‘logic’ does not fit for me as an explanation for certain people being lucky . . .

    If certain people were ‘lucky’ and some ‘mystical or even none mystical’ luck brought them things ‘easily’ . . . then what are the chances of them being stressed out, forcing or closed off as they go through life? One would suspect that people ‘gifted’ with lucky encounters would NOT force or push through life, because they’d have no need to be that way WOULD THEY? I’m amazed at the so called scientific presentations or conclusions that just are NOT thought out at all . . .

  2. Heres what I think about luck. Its a quote from my new book. The Mind and Self-Reflection.

    “Good luck is seeing with awareness, bad luck is seeing without it.”

    Great site by the way. Just started mine.

  3. Hi Matt – Hope we’ll see you back here in the Philippines soon!

    As Thomas Jefferson said:

    I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.