Christmas Site Updates

First off, Merry Christmas everybody! I’ve been doing some tweaking here around The biggest thing you’ll notice is that I’ve imported about 12,000 photos from my old Gallery-powered gallery, which was broken since I upgraded to PHP5, into core WordPress, and you can see them under this category. I even managed to bring over people tags and comments from the proprietary system I had written. I feel so much safer now that all this data is in WordPress, I know it’ll still work in 10 years. I might have to change how “random” works, though, to exclude the really old photos, because they can be fairly embarrassing. πŸ™‚

29 thoughts on “Christmas Site Updates

  1. Awesome Matt… the photos are really quite entertaining. In regards to the random photo option, don’t worry about being embarrassed about the photos. Everybody knows who you are already, seeing the younger you simply reminds us of our own mortality and will encourage everyone to remember where we all came from and where we are all going.

  2. “… to exclude the really old photos though, because they can be fairly embarrassing.”

    Heh, I had to go back to the early albums just to check things out. What’s with the b&w shots of you in a tux with all those gorgeous women? πŸ™‚

    1. I ended up writing several custom scripts to do it, I was coming from Gallery 1 so everything was in serialized objects in flat-files scattered around different directories, and some were corrupted or blanked out.

  3. Merry Christmas, Matt!

    Impressive, an import of 12,000 photos.

    Unfortunately, the pics from WordCamp Germany (Jena, 2009-02-15) are still missing. πŸ™‚

    Happy holidays for you and your family,

    1. I have about another ~5,000 from this year local on my computer that I haven’t processed or uploaded yet, but I’ll need to get on that if I’m going to make my resolution of 10k this year.

  4. Blimey Matt! That’s one heck of a lot of photos!

    I thought my personal blog was getting reasonably large (photo wise) but your 12,000 photos trumps my meagre upload habits many times over!

  5. I wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season. It’s Christmas Eve today, so we’ll be using it as an excuse for the day off and hopefully you can too!

    Have a safe long weekend and may you be able to spend it (stress-free) with family and friends!

  6. What is the component you are using to make the gallery display like this on the page? It looks nice. I wonder how I can set one up for new photos, right in WordPress.

      1. Matt,
        would love to know how to use this built-in functionality. I can follow the instructions at but don’t see any way to display a random photo, like in your sidebar, or a page of random photos like your “more random” link.
        I too have been using Gallery2, but am gradually moving images over to WordPress to keep everything in house. I don’t know how to write scripts so am glad I’m not moving 12 000 photos over πŸ™‚

  7. “to exclude the really old photos though, because they can be fairly embarrassing.”

    Oh noe!

    Don’t hide the truth of the past to look better in the present. The past is what made you.

    WordPress, the peers, the scene, your friends, your parents, life changing events made you.

    You know, the talk with Jason on ‘TWiST’, you had problems spelling a word, and Jason helped you out. And you literally make a geek move and joke about being used to ‘Press your Words’. I laughed watching that in that moment, but nobody else laughed (the audience).

    For you in retrospect and that ‘after’ moment, you hoped some would get it, or at least Jason, but the reaction was very, well … … shallow. But that is what makes you and me and others alike. And who missed out on that, missed out on that. But as G.W. Bush mentioned in his last Press Event as President, history will judge [us]. And some journalists and historians will look at this video, or journalism students in 2050 will look it up to study who Matt Mullenweg was. The person, the entrepreneur and the leader.

    Next please.

    PS: We all sucked when we were ‘kids’. We had no style, no manners, blushed when approached by women, didn’t know hot to ask her out for a date.

    Be proud of every day, you have your hands on the future of publishing. We, you, and WordPress and the blogger scene doesn’t have to hide what we did in the past.

    Because what’s important is what we do right now in the present and in the future, tomorrow. And what do you think how we made it to here, without the past events and past releases of WordPress?

    *Philosophical lesson slash rant over*

    I hope you had some joyous merry xmas and I wish you, your family and close relatives, as well the whole WordPress crew, all the best for 2010. Health and success, reaching every milestone you set up.


  8. awesome. merry xmas to you too! Good old Gallery…. I know quite a few people still using it… I was too lazy to once Flickr happened though! πŸ™‚

    Take care xx