Fireside Chat

In New York last month I did a fireside chat with Liz Danzico at the School of Visual Arts which is now available online. The video features myself, Liz Danzico, and the back of Jason Santa Maria’s head.

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Matt, I think this is one of the best interview’s you’ve done, very information-packed conversation. I really enjoyed watching it.

I completely agree with the downside of having an open source project and a paid version offered by the same company, where eventually the free version ends up being the crappy one (like you mentioned) with less features than the paid one. So thanks for making WordPress the way it is.

I have a post on my blog scheduled to launch on the 28th, with the subject of Movable Type vs WordPress, and where it mentions Movable Type with two versions of their software and how the free one doesn’t really deserve to be mentioned.

You mentioned how many users start using WP as a CMS. Is your site powered by type account or the “VIP” service with more flexibility than the

The reason I ask is I’m curious how flexible is in terms of using it as a CMS and having say a custom site powered by it, or that’s no realistic? I would like to publish a case study on it and perhaps even trying to port my site that’s powered by to

Thanks Matt