11 thoughts on “Thunderbird in 2010

  1. What do you do for a web option? I used to use Thunderbird. I thought it worked well but left me without a web option since I use several computers during the day. I’ve been using Google apps for a few years now and that solved the issue.

  2. I like Seamonkey. Handy to have an HTML editor built-in (even if flawed), and I like the awesome bar in SM more than FF’s. Lightning now also works with SM’s email client.

    1. I like SeaMonkey as well. I wonder which is better as a browser. Sea Monkey or Thunderbird. What do you think?

  3. Just wondering, as currently this is the main thing that’s holding me back from Thunderbird; what do you use for documents and spreadsheets?
    Personally I think I would miss the integration between these products when referring to Microsoft Office.

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