WPtogo is now WordPress Android

We’ve just released WordPress for Android 1.0 which is a continuation of the WpToGo development now under an official WordPress banner, and of course as Free Software. Congrats to Dan and the team on making this happen. Mobile stuff is really starting to come together for WordPress. I’ve been playing with this on my Nexus One for about a week and loving it.

12 thoughts on “WPtogo is now WordPress Android

  1. Hi πŸ™‚ any thoughts on WordPress for Palm WebOS? I just got a Pre to replace my BlackBerry and the WP app is the only thing I’m missing.


  2. Ok i think WordPress needs to get to work on a Windows Mobile and Symbian Version of their mobile app. I have the BlackBerry one and i find it tremendously helpful but i think since Symbian is the Dominant Smartphone OS of the world WordPress needs to start working.