IntenseDebate auto-login User Accounts now auto-login to IntenseDebate blogs no matter where they’re hosted, any website in the world. Connect services like Facebook’s and Twitter’s always require at the very least a click or two, and in worst case can be a full login and several bounces to the origin site, which increases the friction of commenting and can actually decrease the number of comments you get. (Oh noes!) This is much smoother, and faster. Previously this was only available if you actually hosted on, now it’s for any website, anywhere.

9 thoughts on “IntenseDebate auto-login

  1. Really? Please say there is a way to opt out of this egregious site/comment hijacking scheme? All these years with WordPress, this is the first time I have ever felt betrayed by the source. I abhor Intense Debate and refuse to be associated with it in any way. I guess this cements my internal debate about turning off blog comments. Sad.

  2. I’m looking forward to the moment where ID and WP are totally integrated.

    And all the projects listed at the side are totally and fully integrated (except for BP and bbPress)!

    1. Me too, but once it happens, I hope it’s going to be more reliable than what it is now, as IntenseDebate is desperately slow, won’t load its JavaScript in the footer, uses its own function to load the number of comments on the places where it’s not really needed (such as the front page) and ever since I installed it, I have a feeling that its custom antispam filters and Akismet are in some strange sort of a collision.

      Other than that, I love having comment rating, proper threaded comments with no limits, additional login systems, images and video in comments, and proper paging with just one plugin. 🙂

  3. Thanks Matt.

    We’re in the process of creating our new website based on your .Org WordPress business. For us right now it’s more about knowing what the best plugins ins to install are for security etc. Being a tech dullard, I quickly arrive at brain-meltdown!

    I wish you continued success.


  4. In case you appreciate appreciation, I want to tell you “thank you” for this Intense Debate comments system.

    I’m a pro blogger (meaning, sadly, that my main source of income doesn’t come from my company but from the personal blog I created four years ago and that has become very proffitable because of hugely growing traffic), and ID had very positive results.
    Twice more comments, not unidirectional responses (from visitor to admin) but at last real conversations between commenters, at least 5% more returning visitors…
    The effect was VERY positive, so, once again, thank you 🙂