Typography for Lawyers

Typography for Lawyers is a cool use of WordPress for a mini-book. Hat tip: Scots Law Student.

6 thoughts on “Typography for Lawyers

  1. Hey Matt,
    Yeah, kind of nice and informative. Now if we can just get Matthew to get the theme to fit properly in a 1024×768 sized browser window without horizontal scroll…

  2. That is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! OMG!

    I think I might borrow that. Now I just gotta figure out how to use that on wordpress.com for a live story I’m preparing for november. It’s fiction, but I think It just might work as I release each new chapter and new readers can read through it as well if they arrive late. Wow.

    Thanks Matt!

  3. Now this is a theme and layout that ought to be emulated more often. Like reading a book, but with the table of contents open to use at the same time.

    Way too many existing WP themes are laid out to try to show how much can be crammed into a screen view, rather than focusing on getting information seamlessly to the reader. Good stuff.

  4. by default, both Word and WP will substitute curly quotes when you type

    Heh, Thought he was talking about WordPress at first, thought it was strange to see WordPress referred to as a legal document generator.

  5. I really like this site, simple and to the point, but also very informative and helpful.

    Perhaps we need a urlforlawyers.com to explain why people should use pretty permalinks on the web.