When I wrote about starting a bank, aka SafeBank, I was overwhelmed by the feedback and at least once a week since then I’ve been contacted by someone working on the idea. One I hadn’t heard of yet though is BankSimple, which I noticed yesterday because Alex Payne is leaving Twitter to work on it. I’m fully focused on WordPress and Automattic so can’t be involved with any new ventures as more than an advisor, but I’m glad smart people are tackling the problem and I hope to have an account at one (or more) someday.

One thought on “BankSimple

  1. Well, I could be your first customer for safely turning a profit on your vault. Our small family farm has been growing gradually. We’re building our own on-farm butcher shop. So far it is out of pocket – bootstrapping – because we can’t get a bank loan. We have assets and a high net worth but the banks say they’re “not lending to new or expanding businesses at this time.” So we plug along. A loan would make it happen faster and would be secured. Win-win. I’ll look at BankSimple and thank you for WordPress!