DailyBurn & IAC

A company I met through Techstars and later invested in alongside Tim Ferriss, DailyBurn, just was bought by IAC. Congrats to Andy and the team there.

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Merhaba Matt,
Learn a few helpful phrases before you leave. Take an English-Turkish dictionary.
Stay at the Kybele Hotel in the Sultanhamet section of Istanbul. (The owners know me … one visited us in Phoenix a few months ago.) You can walk everywhere ..the buses / Metro and light rail are fairly easy to figure out. Do take the ferry ($15) up the Bosphorus to the Black Sea. It crosses from the European to the Asian sides.
All of the other suggestions are the obvious tourist spots. The Topkapi Palace is one of my favorites. I have been to Turkey twice.
Three years ago, I spent a week in Istanbul and a week in Izmir (side trips to Ephesus and Pamukkale) to attend my friend’s wedding. You don’t have time for much more. (actually – you should spend the 10 days in Istanbul. If you decide to go to Izmir ….the fight between Istanbul and Izmir is about 90 minutes. If you don’t have a Visa, you can get it at the airport when you arrive in Istanbul. Bon Voyage, Paula