“There is the iPad”

“Our experience of technology has been largely wondrous and positive: The green revolution ameliorated the problem of world hunger (for a time at least) with better seeds and fertilizers to increase harvests. When childhood diseases were ravaging the world, vaccines came along and (nearly) eliminated them. There are medicines for the human immunodeficiency virus and AIDS. There is the iPad.” NY Times: Our Fix-It Faith and the Oil Spill.

4 thoughts on ““There is the iPad”

  1. When I’ve visited art exhibits, I’ve often felt strangely excluded. I’ve looked at works of art before, particularly abstract forms and though ‘what a load of tat’. I don’t say it of course, usually because I don’t want people to know I’m on the outside, that I don’t get it.

    That’s how I feel with the iPad. I just don’t get it. Part of me instinctively rebels against things that are *that* cool. Apple’s obsession with form over function is a constant source of amusement for me.

    I don’t get the iPad. I just don’t. It’s not an eBook reader, it’s not a laptop. I can’t think of a single thing to use it for. If WordPress vanished tomorrow, the Earth might just stop spinning on its axis. If all iPads vanished tomorrow, there would undoubtedly be an outcry from the black turtle-neck brigade, but they’d move on to the next shiny thing.

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