Video Freedom

VideoPress now gives you the option to only use Free formats, which means Theora and Vorbis played via HTML5.

9 thoughts on “Video Freedom

    1. I think there are a few things to be worked out there, as well, but since we support Ogg already there’s no reason we can’t start transcoding into VP8 in the future.

  1. Yes! Now if we can figure out how to get away from the stealth proprietary file formats encoded when we create our images..

    This whole file format with the time bombs in the EULA is scary stuff down the road… Thanks Matt… Thanks for everything you have done with WordPress…
    Matt Mullenweg = 21 Century Gutenberg.

  2. OGG’s Theora and Vorbis and very bad codecs, they are worthy only if you really really need some OpenSource solutions.

    Codecs development require a lot of R&D, which require some investiment, and I doubt thece scientists wouldn’t register their technologies.

    xh264 is OpenSource, why can’t it be used? A few years ago I saw it’s quality was similar to proprietary encoders…

    Of course, we’d need an AVC decoder plugin for our browsers… But then, instead of embedding the video on the page, give the option to normally download it (MKV is a great OpenSource container, but MP4 works too) and watch. Then we can use Media Player Classic and libavc, all OpenSource 🙂

    1. Hikari,
      I think you are confusing x264 the encoder library with h264 the codec. Using the x264 encoder won’t get you out of licensing royalities/fees and patent woes.