WP-guided Missiles

So Apparently WordPress Can Guide Missiles, some WordPress Javascript makes a guest appearance on-screen in a British TV show.

12 thoughts on “WP-guided Missiles

  1. Funny–but perhaps they should recheck their “targets” list: if those are IP addresses, one of those hosts is on the local network!

  2. This reminds me of the British sci-fi series ‘Blake 7’ and ‘Doctor Who’. On a number of occasions both of these shows featured the operating console from a 1960s vintage ICT 1301 computer – it also featured in one of the James Bond films.

    The sad fact is that I used to program the ICT 1301 in my youth.

    But at least the 1960 shows had greater ambitions for the ICT 1301, including galactic empire domination and time travel.

    In comparison, firing guided missiles is merely child’s play.

    Machine code will beat java any day 🙂

  3. You can start a series of “What WP can do” post, sort of “Will it blend?”. Your fans would have ton’s of ideas.