Mena Suvari Mystery

Yesterday in front of my building in Montreal I ran into (almost quite literally) Mena Suvari. There’s been a large filming crew hanging out the past few days and they relabeled the building from 400 Sherbrooke to Nottingham Hotel. None of the movies under production on her IMDB page seemed likely candidates and in the news she’s mentioned arriving in Montreal but for unknown reasons. I finally talked to a member of the crew and it turns out they’re filming a made-for-TV movie called No Surrender, but I was unable to confirm this or find any more info online. I’d like to see it when it comes out since I might be in one of the shots. ๐Ÿ™‚

15 thoughts on “Mena Suvari Mystery

      1. Hi there,
        They are actually filming quite a bit from my condo in St. Lambert (keep running into Mena and the crew in our laundry room).
        They are supposed to be done tonight though … (have been here for the full week). Lots going on !!

  1. Sorry Dude, but if Mena Suvari were outside my apartment I would not have time to blog about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Matt, you temptress.

    I thought that this was some sensational story about Mena Suvari being, I dunno, actually a treasure hunter who has been deep in the Cambodian jungle searching for a forgotten statuette…We don’t hear much about her in the UK you see. Or really I don’t hear much about her.

    But no, alas, just the day job.

  3. She is indeed filming _No Surrender_. A close friend of mine is in it, and another woman I know more casually. I thought it was a cinema release, though.

      1. When I was a kid I worked on films and I remember that a lot of times they used a working title until coming up with a name for distribution. That’s probably why you are having a hard time finding info on it. Good luck.

  4. That is neat! My uncle and his wife were chosen to be extras in “The Wire” in Baltimore MD. He was a policeman and she was a bartender in a bar. I could not make the tryouts I had to give a seminar. DARN!

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