Exploring Jerusalem with Barry

Amazing lunch at Mahaneyuda, exploring the Old City and Jerusalem in general with Barry.

7 thoughts on “Exploring Jerusalem with Barry

  1. oy yoy yoy!!

    So wonderful! You’ve got me wishing I was in Israel now, especially for the food!
    Thanks for sharing your photos Matthew

    – brent

  2. Fantastic! After all the talk of getting Barry to Israel, how thrilled I am that you two best friends got to go and explore my favorite city in the world. Wonderful!

  3. Matt,
    It was neat to see the pictures of your visit to Jerusalem – where I have been living for the last 18 years. I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for all you efforts in developing WordPress – it’s a really great platform.
    Gmar chatima tova,
    David Zucker

  4. Hey,

    Cool pics. It’s interesting that you visited Jerusalem.

    Dunno if you’ve heard of Joe Sacco – he’s a comic artist/journalist. Anyway, he’s written a graphic novel called ‘Palestine‘ which you should check out, it’s really cool.

    I’d love to visit the country, so beautiful and such a rich history (not to mention present day).