Social Network Detective

My relentless pursuit of the guy who robbed me. “A thief broke into my car. I used Craigslist, a dating site, MySpace and a fast food joint to track him down.”

7 thoughts on “Social Network Detective

  1. My friend Xopher, who you met in Montreal (Jazz Chris), tracked his wife’s stolen iPhone in a similar clever way. Involved the thief sending geo-tagged photos of his family to other family members and more. 🙂

  2. Awesome. I’ve seen similar stories of stolen laptops and people remotely activating the camera and such to take snaps of the thieves, but this one just goes to show that once you’re public, you’re really public.

  3. Matt, that was a great story to share, thanks.Transparency is a very useful tool.Looking beyond the story itself, it reveals the power of the internet to perform (or even out-perform) what used to be specialized duties,or roles in a society.The separation of responsibility,that used to exist between the “State”and the”Individual” is deeply evolving.Right now,the Internet is like a sword of empowerment for the individual;just bear in mind that in the wrong hands, swords can be melted into handcuffs. Thanks, Tim