Adobe on WP

Adobe Migrates to WordPress, switching 1,200 blogs from Movable Type.

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Yes, you must be very proud of the “little project” you started from some forked code! I bet you didn’t imagine that you’d see so many people on blogs run by the software you worked on and the team you lead back when you got started!!
I hope people see your story and remember that starting with a small idea, huge dreams and empires can be realized.


1200 blogs? Wow! Never knew Adobe guys liked to write so much! 🙂

Great going Matt and WordPress – another nice portion added to the 12% WP Internet Pie!

Here’s hoping someday it would be above 50%. Cheers!:)

I think the ‘story behind the story’ is the real big news here; a year back Adobe purchased Business Catalyst which is a CRM solution with blogging capabilities. Now Adobe doesn’t use its own Platform/Service but chooses WordPress for it’s Blogs!
Well done to all from WordPress!


Can we expect a more strategic alliance between WordPress and Adobe after learning of their internal blogging platform decision?, which I think is wonderful!

Specifically as an Instructional Technologist I would love to see WordPress tools from Adobe that would embellish WordPress blogging development?

For example, e-Learning Suite 2 and WordPress integration so I could build an educational blog and include Adobe’s value add right along with that effort 🙂