Almost-beta WordPress 3.1 is now running for 15 million blogs on, the feedback has been really good already and hopefully we’ll iron out some of the few remaining bugs before we do the beta release. The link gives a nice overview of some of the user-facing features of 3.1.

20 thoughts on “3.1 hits

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  2. Very cool, I’m excited about the link find/replace feature… there is a plugin that does that, but I’m excited about native support- keep up the great work matt!

  3. Can’t wait to see what else is ahead for, especially if the future holds more Post Formats (beyond asides and gallery, that is).

    And speaking of asides, we’re now up to 15 million blogs from the 13 million you mentioned at WCJeru in September? (!)

  4. Thanks Matt and your team for the job! I’m so hopeful with the internal link feature, It could save a lot of time to us. Regards from southern Spain.

  5. Did you say 900,000 new blogs – wow! I’m excited that the new release will fix some of the bugs I have been experiencing when using the IE9 browser. Thanks!