5-minute Private Collaboration Site

How To: Build a private collaboration site on WordPress.com in 5 minutes.

7 thoughts on “5-minute Private Collaboration Site

  1. So I’m pondering the concept of private collaboration, which does make sense in that it only takes two to collaborate, yet in the grand scheme of things, it would also seem that the purpose of such intellectual interchange is to foster ideas and concepts that spread beyond the boundaries of such privacy…but there I go again, rambling away on a Friday morning…

    Cheers Matt!

  2. Ha! What a coincidence. Just last week I was thinking about making some MVP for an internal employee/team communications tool using Notifo for notifications and P2 came to mind. Perhaps just adding some hooks to notify people of replies, new entries they might be interested in and so on. Have yet to actually play around with P2 but I’m thinking there needs to be some kind of group concept — ie, only marketing team can get certain kinds of updates, dev team, et cetera. Are you in Houston? I’ll be here til first week of Dec.

  3. Very detailed tutorial. I set this up on one of my WP powered sites (nead.us) back in March ’09 for my family as a single point of entry for updates and salutations. They liked it because comments are threaded and attached to the original post – unlike email that can go on forever and change subject matter with each response. Plus the fact that it is private. I don’t allow search engines to crawl the site and it’s obviously password protected.

  4. While Group collaboration is pretty much part of WP scheme – particularly with the ease of Automattic theme P2

    – what is seemingly not possible at this stage – is one to one collaboration within a group

    – like setting up a client service site

    – where conversation with each client can be done – and the set of conversation being accessible only to the particular client – not the other clients.

    I guess its not impossible with the wordpress scheme (I am not sure whether such thing exists with even bbPress or buddypress)