I like neologisms. We need new words because we have new ideas, and ideas are the only things that break the law of the conservation of energy. Where once there was nothing there now is something, and the history of the neologism is a history of those moments of pure creation. ‘Gamification’, that said, can go take a long walk off a short pier.

Can’t play, won’t play by Margaret Robertson. Hat tip: Paul Kim.

11 thoughts on “Gamification

  1. Great link. She even gives too much credit to the concept (pointsification) itself, regardless of what it’s called. It shouldn’t be the organic driver in most well-made environments that’s my story and I’m sticking to it

  2. I’ve got one for you: My friend Shailja Patel has a new book out called “Migritude.” Born in Nairobi of Indian parents and raised in the British school system; now a political activist and artist; she needed a word for people like herself — migrants with attitudes.

  3. I was just exposed to one of the egregious `verbifications’ in recent memory: “faming.”

    As in, “to fame”

    * “Fame” yourself
    * The time to “fame” is now

    I don’t know how I feel about this “faming” business.

    I’m curious whether this is going to take. I would have put money against “blog” and “google” both… shows how much I know!

  4. How about the site WordSpy… puts out new words on a regular basis. New one is vegivore… “A person who craves or has a special fondness for vegetables.”