Sylvester Stallone’s website is WP-powered. (I saw The Expendables last night.) Also, am I imagining things or did I read a longish profile of Stallone that talked about his production company, his office, the legacy of Rocky… can’t find it anywhere and search on my Kindle is broken.

19 thoughts on “Stallone

  1. and isn’t it great how he chose a clear clean theme with large readable fonts it is great he didn’t go for all that flash based websites that celebrities usually have those things are navigation disaster i love his theme except for the big picture of expendable

  2. lol I knew right away what this post would be about when I saw it in the dashboard. I love that Sly is using WP. Who would’ve thought?

  3. Theme’s name is iA3. Never heard of this.

    I watched The Expendables lately and hated that Arnold did not play any major role. 🙁 But overall, the movie was worth watching. 🙂

    They chose the right platform, by the way. 😀

  4. I tried commenting on the post about The Expendables 2 but it returned a 404 error. Matt, could you please leave a comment on any of the post over there and see what’s wrong? OR just ask their developer to check it out?

    1. Heym I know I’m like 5 days late but I just commented on the post and it seems to be working fine for me, try reloading the page or using a different browser. I used the latest version of Safari and it worked a charm.